Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"Living in Metaphors"

Christin Lore Weber has been writing a Caring Bridge blog for several years as she followed her husband through the torment of treatment for brain cancer and of his final journey. John died earlier this year but Christin continues to update this site -- writing with incredible beauty of her pilgrimage through grief. In her most recent blog she wrote:

"You are living in metaphors, I tell myself. The leaves. The dogs. Minnesota. Oregon. Can you live in your own being? Can you be still? And even that is metaphor because right away it brings Eliot’s poetry to mind -- “We must be still and still moving, into another intensity/ For a further union, a deeper communion,/ Through the cold dark and the empty desolation, ... In my end is my beginning.”

Christin is the author of several books on spirituality and her exquisite first novel Altar Music published by Scribner in 2001.

P.S. I just received notice that Christin is moving her writing to her Gather.com page. I also write on Gather.com where I post an eclectic assortment of essays, book reviews, photo essays, and fiction, and find the community of reading and writing friends I've met there invigorating.

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